Learning Assessments

Together, we can assist in catching up with children’s literacy gap and assess them accordingly.

Assessments play a critical role in measuring learning outcomes and identifying areas for improvement in Indonesia’s education system.

Currently, there is a significant gap in learning assessment practices across the country, with some schools lacking the necessary tools and resources to accurately measure student progress. 

To address this gap, we support MoECRT in prioritizing the development of standardized assessments that are aligned with national learning standards and are accessible to all schools.

Additionally, we will also focus on training teachers and education professionals on how to administer and interpret assessments, so that they can use this data to inform instructional practices and improve student outcomes.

Learning assessments are more essential than ever to evaluate children’s learning capacity.

By investing in strong and equitable learning assessment practices, Indonesia can work towards ensuring that all students have access to high-quality education and the opportunity to succeed.

Let’s build a strong pathway in catching up this gap.