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English language learning happens in everyday life and we want to get real about it. Confidence in a new language is everything and we want to empower everyone to be themselves in English.

The Power of Language Learning

Language skills give you new perspectives, allow you to improve your communication, to be more creative and provide you with new and innovative ways of thinking and problem-solving.

English language courseware

A range of education products and services that helps people everywhere aim higher and fulfill their true potential.


From placement tests through to high-stakes exams for university entry and visa applications, find the right test for your students. 

Global Scale of English (GSE)

The GSE is the first truly global English language standard, allowing teachers to more accurately and easily measure learner progress.

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Play your way to a new language. Fun, easy and effective language courses designed by language experts.
An English proficiency test which measures the speaking and writing skills of individuals whose native language is not English.