Professional Development for Teachers

Learning effectiveness depends highly on how developed the teachers are, professionally.
professional teachers

The world is constantly changing, education must keep up.

Schools are at the front line, but only those with professionally developed teachers will survive.

Teaching process and leadership play crucial roles in students’ performance.

Professional development is the primary strategy for schools to support teachers and their leadership capacity to consequently improve students’ performance. Here are our main solutions to enhance them:

Implementation of the Merdeka Curriculum (IKM)

The Merdeka Curriculum gives teachers the flexibility to create quality learning that suits the needs and learning environment of students.

The Use of Technology in Learning

Technology never replaces teachers. Instead, it empowers how, when, and where they teach, so that students learn more efficiently.
Adaptation of Literacy and Numeracy Modules

Adaptation of Literacy and Numeracy Module

This is an adaptation of a module that was developed by The Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology. It refers to basic competencies in curriculum simplification but learning activities are optimized to achieve literacy and numeracy competencies in all subjects.

Implementation of AKM and ANBK

We help to organize The Minimum Competency Assessment (AKM) and Computer-Based National Assessment (ANBK) to evaluate the competencies of students and the quality and equality of schools. These assessments are fundamental in order to measure teachers’ professional impact in relation with schools and students.

Let’s develop teachers’ professional capacity

So they can implement the best educational practices, thus help students reach their full potentials.